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Obtaining Workers’ Compensation Benefits

After a work-related injury, you will need to go through the workers’ compensation process. This process can be extremely challenging, and claim denials are common. The benefits you receive can be critical to your survival and ability to provide for your family, especially if your injuries prevent you from working at the same capacity as you did before the accident. Make sure you work with a team you can trust to help you obtain your workers’ compensation benefits.

At Arze & Mollica, LLP, we handle workers’ compensation claims for clients in Brooklyn and throughout New York. Our two lawyers each have 20 years of experience representing accident victims. We know how to work within the workers’ compensation process to make sure you get the full measure of compensation you need. You are in good hands.

A Challenging Process

Workers’ comp injuries can happen in almost any industry and range from a strain to severed limbs. Some workers commonly affected include those in the construction industry, truck drivers and people who handle heavy machinery. In New York, most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage to protect employees on the job. If you are injured at work, you may be able to receive wage replacement benefits, medical treatment and even vocational rehabilitation, if that is necessary.

While these benefits are great, obtaining these benefits is no simple task. First, in order to prove you were injured at work, you will likely have to provide medical records, copies of your medical bills, employment records and any other documentation related to your accident.

Then you have to go through the process of medical checks and detailed filings. And, in most cases, these efforts result in rejection of claims or at least inadequate compensation. Our attorneys will walk you through the entire process to make sure you get the benefits you need.

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